Horse of a Different Colour

Horse of a Different Colour
by Melodie Trudeaux
(a novel for 9-12 year olds)
A really weird thing happens to 11 year old Megan Crewe when she bumps into Jack the old carthorse. She’s too busy to worry about it until she realises what a terrible secret she’s uncovered.
Jack is in danger but no one will believe it except her best friend Amy. Their ideas come thick and fast, but nothing works, and as the menace creeps closer, events snowball.
There’s a horse in Amy’s mum’s prize greenhouse, a lot of tomato ketchup in places it shouldn’t be, a ton of heavenly chocolate, and the dreadful taste of artificial flowers.

In all the chaos, can they save Jack? Or has the danger that stalked the old horse turned its eye on them instead?
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Published by Fantastic Books Publishing 2015

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