Thursday, 21 December 2017

International Trust Your Government Week

December 20th to 27th is International Trust Your Government Week, promoted by the United Nations to encourage temporary respect for elected officials and bureaucrats alike regardless of party affiliation, election legitimacy, position on global warming, documented legal status, education, nationality, race, heritage, gender, sexual orientation, criminal record, degree of intelligence or common sense.

International Trust Your Government Week (ITYGW), fosters diversity, tolerance and general laissez-faire in the interests of World Peace. During this week, celebrants are urged to write to their government officials at all levels with the basic message: 

You’ve shown yourselves to be such collective bozos that we no longer care, so for one week we’ll take time out from worrying when you’re going to pull the trigger, push the button or take the ludicrous decision that will end humankind’s tenure on the planet, and we’ll simply turn our backs on you.

Hang on... how is that trust?

No longer listening, bozo. Too busy reading the week’s most appropriate release, Walt Pilcher’s EverybodyShrugged

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